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Who doesn’t make music these days? Everybody and their mother has a dream to make it big in the music industry. The problem is nobody really stands out anymore. Anybody can make a song in their basement or their bedroom closet, but not many artists have anything else to help get them out there. Nowadays artists are actually rising to the top just by utilizing the Internet and spreading their music online.

Youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, and many other networking sites are helping these artists get their music heard through word of mouth marketing. Any sort of media can go viral overnight. You can go to sleep and wake up with a million new views and a fanbase that used to be unheard of.

The more ways you have to get yourself out there, the better the chance your dreams will come true. When the millions and millions of people browse online everyday they search for all sorts of media and interesting websites to view. People want pictures and videos more than ever! A lot of people actually put a picture on youtube with a song behind it so people have something to look at while they listen to the song.

Why not get ahead of the game and actually put a music video online? Imagine the feeling of watching your views grow and your fans increase. If you’ve never shot a music video you will realize how much fun it is and how much more professional you look as an artist. You can even include it in your press release package to show your clients that it is worth hiring you to perform at their venue.

People even watch video on their cell phones on a regular basis now. If you want to be a star it is time to start acting like one. Every single professional artist out there has at last one music video per album so don’t you think it is time to start doing what the people you want to be like are doing? Think about it and remember:

“Knowledge is not power, knowledge with action is power!”

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