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So you think you can design with the best of the best in the industry? Sometimes you sit in your chair and use your imagination to come up with a one of a kind design that you have to create. You grab a pencil and start sketching what you envisioned before the moment passes you by and a new idea takes over this masterpiece. After you sketch the design you begin gathering the fabrics and preparing the real life creation of what was once a thought in your mind.

Nobody can truly understand what you go through as a designer until they walk in your shoes, perhaps the ones you designed. After you finish one design you move on to the next. Piece by piece you create nothing but the best until you finally realize you have put together an entire collection of designs ready for people to see and perhaps purchase. The best feeling a designer can get is when that first model steps on to the runway wearing that very first creation you envisioned at your work station that day.

After the collection is presented the lights dim, the stage gets broken down, and everyone goes home with nothing but memories from the show. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional video crew there capturing your designs from the perfect angles so that you can show your collection to the entire world? You can be the greatest designer on the planet, but if you are not capturing your fashion shows on video then nobody will ever know!

Here at Cater2theGame we find out what you want and deliver every time. We arrive early, setup our equipment, plan out different angles and post production ideas, and then we shoot the video to get it ready for the final product. You focus on creating those incredible designs while we focus on making them look even better on an HD quality video ready for your marketing DVD handouts, your web page, other video websites and online communities, and anywhere else you want people to see your collection.

Since we are based out of Harrisburg, PA our overhead is minimal compared to the big city production crews, so we give you the option to create a price based on your needs. Click below or call today to discuss your options and get an answer to any questions you may have.

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